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Star System Design/Redesign and RL Data - A Thought

This idea came to mind today. If it's something our resident star system gurus are already doing, apologies in advance for having missed it.

For some time now there's been an ongoing update of various star systems in the setting to have them reflect RL observations. This has also been a factor in the design of new star systems. In addition, my sense is that star system design in general has been impacted by the presence of multiple members with interest/knowledge in the relevant fields.

Based on this, I'd like to suggest that for those star systems that have been updated/created based on RL data or theory that the relevant source info be added in the Development Notes. So if a given system has been updated/created based on observations by one of the recent/current astronomy satellites or the like then that info should be included in the Dev Notes section. If there are links available to the source data, that would also be a cool thing to include. Same for any reference info or science papers that inform the design of a new system.

Doing this would help promote our hard science 'street cred' and allow interested readers to step outside of OA to learn about what is being done in the RL in the area of planet discovery and theory and such.

If this could be done for new systems going forward, or even for already updated/created systems without too much effort, that would be very cool (IMHO).

What do y'all think?

A good idea, since many of these systems are constantly being updated by astronomers, so any article we publish will probably only remain acurate until a better one comes along.

Note that even the old articles were more-or-less accurate at the time they were written, and often took their data straight from Wikipedia or its forerunners.

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