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Greetings OAs
So - as promised - I'm getting back to you. A little later than planned, but I think I've found some things you'll like. Specifically:

Checking my library, I cracked open my old copy of Interstellar Migration and the Human Experience.

Chapter 19 is a paper by William I. Newman and Carl Sagan titled Non-linear Diffusion and Population Dynamics, of which a partial copy can be found HERE.

You may need to scroll down to find the pages that are included. You can also do a google on the chapter title and it comes up at the top under 'scholarly articles' for the title.

The chapter on Google Books in incomplete, but I can type in the relevant sections and/or equations to fill in the gaps, if you'd like. Smile

In a nutshell, they provide a number of equations that could potentially be used to calculate time before a given interstellar colony would launch new colonies itself which feeds into overall time to colonize the galaxy. Plus a good bit of analysis and info around this subject.

Possibly also relevant and more helpful is another paper I found by the same authors titled Galactic Civilizations: Population Dynamics and Interstellar Diffusion, which is very conveniently available in full as a PDF. I've only skimmed a little bit of it, but it seems to cover the same general subject and is by the same authors, so I'd say the odds aren't terrible that it might also cover the same info as the first reference, and possibly in even greater depth.

Worst case scenario it covers related information, perhaps.

Coming at this from a different direction - typing 'time to colonize the galaxy' into YouTube turns up a number of videos, some of which may contain useful information.

Getting on to bedtime here, but if I think of any other sources I have on hand that relate to this, I'll give them a look and post if anything relevant turns up.

Hope this helps,


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