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Well. This could be a game changer. New Warp Drive theory
(03-04-2021, 04:07 AM)Vitto Wrote: High physics is far away from my specialization, said so, I'm the only one that sometimes wonders the reason of scientific papers like this based on assumptions that could be very possibly be false, like negative energy?

Negative energy and the things that grow out of it like wormholes and warp drives is predicted by/shakes of out the equations relating to Relativity Theory - which has been experimentally verified in multiple ways and on multiple levels.

As such this makes negative energy and related much harder to dismiss.

We haven't actually proved the existence of negative energy yet and a lot physicists seem to take the position that even though it seems to shake out from Relativity Theory the eventual creation of whatever comes after Relativity (a Theory of Everything perhaps) or the eventual merger of Relativity and Quantum Theory will 'surly' eliminate negative energy and/or wormholes and warp drives as theoretical possibilities. However, so far there has been little real progress on either of these things, either in general or in terms of a theory that doesn't rely on a bunch of more or less untestable starting assumptions (dozens of extra dimensions, ultra tiny hypothetical structures like strings that we have no way of experimentally verifying,etc.) or other things that give physicists fits.

And so negative energy (and the things arising out of it) persists.


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