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Well. This could be a game changer. New Warp Drive theory
There is also the issue that, even with a radio-shell that is 200LY in diameter by this point, we're still a tiny pinprick in the cosmos. Other radio waves, at least the undirected ones, (which would be most of them, unless we were, for some reason, singled out for an attempt at communication), might very well fall through the noise floor before they ever reach us.

At least, that's how this layman views it.

I do NOT know much about physics, but I wonder if the big bang expansion might be a loophole to causality. That we can't leave our universe but shortcutting to another spot in it, that had the same initial conditions, the same big bang, could be possible. I'll concede probably not.
It is probably a case that I can imagine too easily things that can't exist. Things like anti-gravity metal, accidental teratogens that can render humans into new forms of life, while retaining their intelligence and identity, and radiation that weakens only people from the world it was ejected from after a supernova engulfed it.

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