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Well. This could be a game changer. New Warp Drive theory
The existence of natural "stargates" isn't completely impossible, or at least we haven't proven yet why not, but the odds are on the same order as the odds of all the atoms in your underwear simultaneously quantum-tunneling one meter to the right and arriving in relative locations so precisely matching that they'd still be recognizably your undergarments as they fell to the ground next to you.

Your basic 'primordial black holes' all coming into existence in the few instants following the big bang, could in theory be entangled - could be the mouths of primordial wormholes linked to one another.

Without the continual support of some kind of negative-mass matter, these would be expected to disentangle, collapsing the wormhole, within microseconds. But that expectation is something like a half-life expectation; the entangled state is just as likely to remain intact for that number of microseconds.

Primordial black holes have a strange property that their event horizon cross section is so tiny that they never consume anything. Whatever gets close to them loops around their gravity field but would have to be smaller than an atom and aimed with absolute precision to actually fall in. They could literally pass all the time the universe has had, without taking in a single hydrogen atom. So, maybe, out there in the void, where they're not interacting with much matter, the entanglement collapse gets less likely? Like, a millisecond instead of a few microseconds?

It's a whole lot of milliseconds since the Big Bang. But, in an academic sense, I think it's just barely possible that there might be a couple of primordial wormhole mouths that haven't disentangled yet. But, if so, every letter you've read in this post has been a slice of time during which it's overwhelmingly likely that they DID finally disentangle. And assuming you were to find them, and detect them, before they disentangle, you still have to figure out how you're going to get yourself through that cross section that's less than an atom wide.

In other words don't get your hopes up.

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