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Well. This could be a game changer. New Warp Drive theory
This is the idea behind the Metric Shield. As well as providing a cloud of warp motes that can drag a spacecraft along in real space, the displacement drive or halo drive can affect the characteristics of space directly in front of the ship, creating a 'diverging lens' that tends to push incoming dust and gas away from the vessel. A void drive vessel presumably does the same.
I think that the whole concept of warp propulsion is unworkable unless there is some way to protect the craft using metric manipulation.

I note that Stephen Baxter uses a similar technology in his Xeelee Sequence books; he describes a kind of high-powered conversion drive concept, which he calls the GUT drive, which basically recreates the conditions at the start of the Big Bang to produce an arbitrary amount of energy for propulsion. Spacecraft using this system can accelerate at 1 gee indefinitely, and approach the speed of light quite closely in due course. (Older members of OA may remember that we used to have a drive system called the' GUT drive' back in the early days, which presumably used a similar method). But (of course) such a ship would encounter massive friction from the interstellar medium.
Baxter describes how the problem is solved using a shield of negative energy at the front of the ship, the same negative energy used to keep wormholes open. Basically Baxter is describing a divergent metric shield, probably the best defence against dust and gas at these velocities.

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