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EG Redesign - Ideas and Suggestions?
Hello all,

Trond and I had a meeting last night and the consensus was that things have reached the point where we can start the ball rolling on the redesign of the Encyclopaedia Galactica.

As part of this process, we would like to get your thoughts and input on what features and functionality you would like to see in a redesigned EG.

Please post your ideas to this thread (which I will be making sticky) for consideration. Please note that we can't guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented, but we are certainly willing to consider them.

Speaking on general principles, we are looking at having the new EG be based on the same basic design as the new website, but with various differences in terms of appearance/color scheme, and how information is presented (Details TBD - and open to suggestions/ideas in this area). This to make it simpler to both maintain the EG and also modify it over time in terms of appearance or related features.

Also - for our more artistically inclined members - Trond would like to develop a logo or equivalent for the EG, separate from the OA logo. We haven't worked out exactly where and how this would be used yet, but the main EG page is a virtual certainty, plus wherever else seems to work well.

Finally, for those members who have been/are/might be itching to do something with the OA timeline pages to make them work better (in general or editorially) there is a plan for a 'Phase III' to the OA redesign project that will focus on the timeline specifically. It is still very early days on the details of this part of the project, but if this is something you're specifically interested in, feel free to PM me and we can discuss.

Ok - I think that about covers things for now. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, please post them here or PM me directly. Otherwise, looking forward to seeing what ideas you post to share.



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