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Closest and Smallest Black Hole Known Discovered
Agreed, your image is much nicer and probably much more realistic.

Is this one of yours or pulled from somewhere? And if it is one of yours, did you already have it 'on the shelf' and just posted it or did you see my post and create this all in less than 7hrs (and overnight in England, if I have my time zones right)? Just curious.

Speaking more broadly, this system is deep in Terragen space by Y11k and might be expected to be heavily developed in some fashion (barring some strong reason for it not to be). I thought about retconning the EG to make this the Threshold BH, but that seems to be a solitary BH rather than a binary and certainly there is room for multiple natural BHs in the setting. So probably best to make this something new.

Thoughts on what we might do with it? The only other idea I've had so far is to install a Binerator (which we list in the EG but don't do anything with in the setting)? Although conversion tech and such may render such a thing to the level of a solar heated shower or the like.

Do we know which empire this system would be in in Y11k?


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