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The Point-of-View of a Superhuman Intelligence
Thank you Todd!

"Moredrex" is a portmanteau of Hans Moravec and K. Eric Drexler.  It also conveniently sounds a bit like Mordred or Mordor, which is appropriate for the Moredrexes' role in the trilogy, being morally ambiguous (at best) and catastrophically threatening (at worst). 

Also, in JRR Tolkien's works, Morgoth is the name of the fallen angel who (among other things) created the dragons.  In my trilogy, the Moredrex have a complex relationship with the less powerful Dragons, who (throughout most of history) are unaware of the true nature of their origins.  These Dragons have a lot of nanotech in their blood.  This allows Dragonblood to have limited healing powers (much like in legend). 

The Moredrex form a type of collective mind, but have just enough individuality to have a diversity of opinion.  They are divided into two "hemispheres" - Soldier (expansionist) and Scholar (introspective).  The Soldier faction believes that the Moredrex can only evolve by breaking the Treaty with the (psionically more powerful) Kujiras, multiplying freely and deconstructing entire worlds in the process.  The Scholar faction (which the Pinstriped Man belongs to) believes that only intense research of all possibilities would justify such a radical move.  They also want to help the Kujiras protect their world from even greater powers elsewhere in time and space.

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