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Poll: So what's really going on?
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Alien visitors who've been spoofing our view of the universe to stay hidden
1 4.76%
These craft are generated by a local Bracewell Probe
1 4.76%
Visitors from a different 'brane' or universe.
0 0%
Pentagon running a psyop on the public
7 33.33%
Something else
12 57.14%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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Recent revelations about UFOs*cough*UAPs from the military
Something to keep in mind, is that these likely aren’t monocausal. Some are probably misinterpreted natural phenomena, others are misinterpreted man made objects. As others have said, while some can’t be full identified yet, there’s no reason to think these are extraterrestrial or supernatural. I also don’t think this is a gov/mil PSYOP. People, including politicians, are curious about UAPs, so this report gets released which states that some incidents are not currently identifiable. That doesn’t strike me as a gov cover up or misinformation campaign.

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