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Radiosynthesis - living on radioactive decay energy
Various thoughts here:

a) This is another example of the universe operating on timescales that humans can likely literally not comprehend.

b) This reminds me of mentions of seen of the deep ocean volcanic vents (black smokers etc.) and how if the Earth dropped into another ice age or the like, they might not even notice.

c) OA being OA, this sounds like something that should be written up in the context of the setting, either as a project(s) being done by some group of Terragens (first thought -the Negentropy Alliance is very interested in preserving and spreading order into Deep Time so might do this. Second thought - perhaps a cooperative project between the Negents and either the Biopolity or the Red Star M'pire, both of which are very big into biotech). Could be the creation/seeding of a planet with such organisms to see what happens over the long term and/or the spreading of 'seeded' rocks through space (either in a lot of star systems or even through interstellar space) with the idea that if something happens to Terragens/life in the Milky Way, the seeds could form the basis for a reboot some millions or billions of years in the future.

Just some thoughts,


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