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Glad to come onboard.
Hey fellow Sophonts, just wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and  I’ve been a fan of the OrionsArm universe and it’s lore for a bit over 10 years now, was introduced into the OA universe by the infamous story “Yes Jolonah There Is A Hell”.

As  both a Science Fiction & Fantasy lover and a member of the Furry/Scaly(Mainly a Scaly myself) community, there’s many aspects of the OA universe that appeal to me, especially the advocacy for morphological freedom and the various Rianths/Splices/ProVolves species that abound in the Terragen Sphere. An anthropomorphic Monitor Lizard or something Argonian like would be my ideal form if dropped into the setting(or if we ever get the tech in RL, but those kind of advances in stuff like genetic engineering and bio/nanotech are probably centuries off…), but the ability to change your form so quickly brings up so many other possibilities as well…

It’s good to finally join the OA community and I hope we all have a good time together.

Seems like you’re familiar with the setting already but let us know if you have any questions or need any help finding discussions !
Hi - Welcome to OA!

Please feel free to join in on any conversations that catch your interest or to start some new ones.

Welcome to OA!
Welcome to OA, Feisty!

I'm glad that my story was a gateway drug!

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