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The latest news re: Project Heavenstorm
It has finally happened.  886 free downloads in one day.  #143 on Amazon free books.  #1 in Free Epic Fantasy.  #4 in Free Science Fiction.

Big Grin
Congratulations! Big Grin
Thanks guys!

Apparently I wasn't the only author to see a spike in free downloads that day.  Several free books were listed on this site for bargain hunters.

Project Heavenstorm had a total of 1255 downloads on that day!  Far more than all of my previous free giveaways put together.  For a brief moment, it went as high as #76 for all free books.

Now that the free giveaway is over, it has dropped down to #84,856.  It has made a few actual sales in the past two days, but there have also been a few refunds; perhaps from customers who thought that the free giveaway was still going.  I'll keep you updated on this subject, because it's too early to draw conclusions right now.

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