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New/Semilurker with questions

I am still getting used to the ideas in the OA setting, but some ideas that I suspect would fit very early in the timeline have been popping into my mind.

Some beginning questions, though, to find out if they (and I) would indeed be compatible with such a project.

I am not that great in terms of scientific knowledge (another reason for preferring an early setting), and would probably need a lot of patience from people.

Also, I don't think, personally, that I see transhumanist goals as a totally good thing. Perusing the EG seems to suggest a lot of ideological variance within the OA setting, and that not all characters or posters would be expected to agree with each other as long as basic civility is maintained. Would this be a correct assumption?

Another question--early in vec history, I see that they were generally treated as a servant/subservient class. EG does seem to suggest that some bionts would have ignored that and treated vecs as equals, even in the early days...

One more thing: maybe I'm not doing a good job locating it, but I have never found a full history of gender/sex in the OA universe, though I have found a description of what the genders are. IRL the alternate genders you describe often come with genetic disorders. I was wondering if it was ever stated exactly when and how alternate genders became common and for what purpose(s).

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