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(10-27-2013, 12:02 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: b) vecs were initially developed as 'smart' labor that was still not fully sophont. However, due to market forces and just general tech progress, each subsequent generation/model was made more and more capable while still not quite crossing the line to full turingrade AI/sophonce that would have forced people to grant them rights. Until one day they accidentally did. But then they didn't want to admit it because the vecs in question were so darn useful (not to mention profitable). In some respects this might be similar to the various mental hoops that were jumped through in the American South to justify slavery (eg. God made black people inferior with the intent that they become slaves, it's a matter of states rights, blah blah blah). It's also possible that people (or at least large chunks of the population) at this point in the timeline were not terribly nice by our standards.

This is actually what I was seeing as the likely scenario, myself. They weren't initally meant to be turingrade, but once the crossover happened, people rationalized it because they had meant the vecs as labor. A lot of what happened in the South during the slave era could be classified as psychological dependence just as much as it was economic dependence--and especially if this is before nanotech really took off, you are definitely not looking at a post-scarcity economy. Your timeline even seems to suggest severe economic upheavals due to its not being an easy transition. If people (almost like now, or in the Great Depression) see themselves as one step away from chaos, that makes both kinds of dependence--and the rationalizations that go with them--more likely.

It's interesting that you mention the religious reactions. That was actually a major area of focus I was wanting to look at: how theology would cope with other forms of life--some would cope well, I think, and some would cope very badly.

Quote:Anyway, an area we probably need to work out. Although I don't think that will interfere with the development of your story.

If I go too far afield, let me know.

Quote:In terms of the timeline strictures, we'd need to look at what you want to do and when you want to do it and go from there.

I'm less sure of the exact year than I am of what is going on sociologically and (in vague terms) technologically at the time. Basically, a lot of what you see in later OA is still in its relative infancy. Far ahead of where we are now, to be sure, but closer to now than then. That said, I think some of those initial choices, debates, and battles could conceivably set some of the tone for later years. (Though to only a certain degree, considering what happens with the Nanoswarm.)

Quote:The Creative Writing sub-forum for the proposal, outlines, drafts, etc. relating to the development of the story. For the tech questions you can either post them to this sub-forum or over on the creative writing one. We'll see em either way and can respond in either spot. Although you might get more responses and ideas on this forum just because some members who are more into the general setting discussion may not pay as much attention to the creative writing section and so miss your post. I'm honestly not sure how everyone interfaces with the forum so am only kind of guessing hereSmile

OK...I'll start working on my concept. Smile

Quote:Regarding your second point - I don't think I've heard that issue raised before. It sounds interesting. Can you elaborate on it a bit more please?


It's not an issue so much as it is a personal reaction. It would be dishonest not to admit that change is scary sometimes. Wink

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