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World Anvil Cross-Pollination?
I'm still too scared to fully engage with this forum in even the restricted way I'd intended to, but I still admire this project.  Please be gentle if after reading this I seem to have suggested something ignorant, because I don't know the local flow for world-building here.  I just (believe I) know that Orion's Arm is a massive collaborative world-building project.

I've been playing with another site lately called World Anvil, which is a toolbox and community for world-builders.  I wanted to suggest it here in case there could be some productive potential for cultural cross-pollination.  I definitely wouldn't recommend transferring finished materials from here into World Anvil, but it could be a good place to work on different collections of setting items that aren't quite ready for contribution to the main archive here.  The World Anvil community has struck me as seeming super-collaborative as well, so they might help people get from the ledge of wanting to contribute up to the summit of successfully contributing.
Yeah world anvil has been pretty great - I tried it out a few months ago for a sub project of Orion’s arm I’m helping develop with some folks (Macrystis - most conversation is happening on a separate discord server with us giving periodic updates here on this forum, for an eventual article re-write) . You’re welcome to use world anvil as a tool, or join that conversation if that makes you feel more comfortable.

I personally haven’t needed to use the worldanvil tools since I tried them out, but they seem great for fantasy settings!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Interesting - Is this site something we should consider for addition to our Worldbuilding Links and Software page as a resource?


Yeah world anvil should be added to the resources list
(12-07-2021, 04:15 AM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: Yeah world anvil should be added to the resources list

Sounds good. I'll aim to add it in this week or over the weekend. Smile
World Anvil added to our Worldbuilding Resources page.

The link is located in the second major block of entries, about 9 down from the dividing line separating it from the first block.



P.S. - On a related note - At some point or other we should give some thought to organizing this page a bit better. Possibly alphabetizing the entries or even some kind of spreadsheet function that lets a user search by categories or something. Or maybe a TOC for the page such as is on the new Solsys page? Just some thoughts.
I'm glad I could make a positive contribution!

I've been working on my setting 'Theoma' in World Anvil, although I'm loathe to link it as it's not really an Orion's Arm kind of setting. That is, unless I should decide to 'do in the wizard' at some future point. Maybe it's all on a great cylinder with an interior carefully designed to even out the gravity and the reason why the southern lands are a burning wasteland is due to them being too close to the sun mechanism... but I dearly doubt I could figure out the correct weather consequences of all of that! So Theoma is apt to remain a fantastical setting, and at worst I could make it a simulation.
We don't require that other people's personal settings conform to OA's Canon or rules.

If you'd like to share a link to your setting, that's fine. If not, that's also fine.

As far as possibly integrating it in some form into OA, that would be a whole discussion in itself and would need to take place in a different sub-forum. If you decide you'd like to explore that possibility, you are welcome to do so. Most likely the General Setting Discussion sub-forum would be the best place to have any such conversation.

Hope this helps,

I came back to this thread wanting to add something about my experience with world anvil: I've had some success commissioning artists through the World Anvil discord.  It seems to have a very artistically helpful community.  That's another way they contribute to worldbuilding projects, and commissioning artists is generally a great experience that I hope more people will take up.  Bid those commission prices up so more artists will realize how wonderful they are!
I'd throw an invite to their discord into the thread, but I expect it would get crawled by the kind of ne'erdowells who watch every forum everywhere.   Angel

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