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Hey folks,

This is the second time I've shared a piece of fiction from my setting with you all, in this case because I felt its take on transhumanism (and early brain-computer interfacing) seemed both reasonable and interesting. I'd love some feedback from interested readers here, on my setting and writing more generally seeing how much I owe to the format and hard-SF focus of OA and its membership.

Here's the link:

Let me know what you think!

All the best,

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Thanks for this! Smile

I've got vacation starting 12/24. Will aim to give this a read and your setting a looking over and offer what feedback I can.

this is fantastic! great story
I have no idea if neural links could work like that but I'm guessing nobody else really knows either so , great writing
I'll read again later to find something to criticize
Just finished reading the story - Fun! Smile

It reminds me a bit of the writing of Charles Stross and his depictions of the future/a post-Singularity world. A bit strange, a bit madcap perhaps. A future that has elements that have been predicted finally coming to be - and some other stuff no one has thought of/expected.

I'll also aim to read this again with a more critical eye. At the moment nothing is leaping out yelling 'No, No No' although there might be a word or turn of phrase that could do with a bit of polishing IMHO. Also some turns of phrase that I quite liked, btw.

Thanks for sharing this and will post further thoughts in the near future.

Gave this another read thru with the intent of being more critical. But liked it even better this time. Smile

Good job!

A very impressive story.  You have eloquently described sensations that are far beyond the experience of anyone living today - which is exactly what good SF is supposed to do.  It reminds us that neural link-ups could turn out to be utterly alien experiences (by todays standards) unlike anything in human history.  If a person has been blind since birth and suddenly could see for the first time ever, how would the conscious mind interpret the initial flood of alien sensation?  I feel that is the kind of paradigm shift awaiting our descendants, and you have given us a glimpse of what that might be like.

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