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Goldfish news
Israeli scientists teach goldfish to drive.

video here...

To determine whether a fish can navigate on dry land, the scientists used a fish-operated vehicle (FOV) with special software and a motion-sensing camera that can monitor where the fish is swimming in its rolling aquarium.

When the fish bumps into the tank's walls or swims forward, for example, a camera above the tank tracks that movement. Based on the camera's signalling, an algorithm moves the tank, allowing the fish to "drive" the car. The algorithm is powered by a small programming computer called Raspberry PiArs Technica reports.

January 11, 2047...

"Honest, officer, it wasn't me!  A cybercrook hacked into my goldfish's mobile bowl and used that to hack into my vehicle and take control of it ...and...I think I know who it was!  Some guy's avatar's AI lost a lot of virtual currency at my virtual casino...which no longer exists because cybercrooks stole my identity and turned the site into a virtual bordello using my gotta believe me...

<whine>please stop snickering...</whine>
Hee! I'm not sure which I like more - the article or your follow up narrative. Big Grin

Thanks! I don't know what related material to write for the EG. Anybody else can try if they want to.

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