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Humanity Lost Video - This is interesting.
Interesting YouTube video about a worldbuilding project/graphic novel that somewhat (at least to me) feels a bit like a darker version of OA (earlier in the timeline anyway).


Oh yeah I read these a few months ago- we were geeking out about the art on the macrystis discord..Stephan diggle’s art is great

The description:

Imagine a future where humanity is the most dangerous species in the universe. An exploration of Callum Stephen Diggle’s incredible speculative biology project ‘Humanity Lost.’
Humanity Lost/Callum Stephen Diggle:

Curious Archive:

‘Humanity Lost,’ a worldbuilding project and graphic novel series by artist Callum Diggle, imagines a future where humans have merged with a god-like artificial intelligence, and are now the most dangerous lifeforms in a galaxy full of aliens. It’s an exciting twist on the genre, and a story that features some particularly inventive speculative lifeforms.

At the start of the 26th century, humanity has yet to give itself over to the AI. Under the oversight of the United Earth government, humans populate every major celestial body in our solar system. On Earth’s moon, giant lava-tubes are terraformed and become home to great cities larger than any on Earth.

Yet as humans seek out more and more distant planets, they soon encounter another sentient species, one which will set them on a path towards a dark future…

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