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Hello. Long-ish time wiki reader here.
(02-12-2022, 10:17 PM)Rynn Wrote: That’s more modos than exist in the setting. The idea could work still but you’d have to have to tribe mind merge, go virtual, or otherwise radically alter itself to cross to S3. Archai begins at S3.

Yes, good point. I should have raised it myself since looking at what I posted in the light of a new day I can see how it could potentially make the OP think that eir idea couldn't work in OA.

IIRC we were recently discussing tribemind/group mind based transapients in the Discord a bit and this fits in with that nicely.

A group of modos could form a tribemind, which eventually ascends to S1 and then S2. At that point any S2 will need to get its hands on a lot more processing power to ascend to S3 (among other things). At that point it could move into pre-existing computronium that is large enough to accommodate an S3 (Jupiter brain or above class processors that are operating as habitats for some number of virtual beings rather than hosting a single S4 or higher) or build a moon-brain or equivalent. Eventually, it might ascend to S4, again either first moving into a large enough virtual habitat or building a J-brain or equivalent.

S5 or above would pretty much need to build eir own processor core since virtual environments don't seem to run that large in the setting at this point.

Hope this helps,


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