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Good Centauri Dreams article
I am trying to post excerpts from this article, but they keep showing up as hyperfine print.
There seems to be some kind of glitch around that in the latest version of the forum (we did an update not that long ago).

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If you'd rather not (or don't know how to) do that and the information is particularly relevant to OA, you can ask an Admin for assistance.

However, the easiest option is probably just to link to the original article and then include a brief mention of which bits are particularly interesting/relevant/should be looked for along with the link.

Hope this helps,

Title: Spatial-Temporal Variance Explanation of the Fermi Paradox (the "real" one, not the OAUP one).

"Ultra-relativistic spaceflight leads to temporal spaghettification and is not compatible with galaxy-wide civilizations interacting in stable equilibrium."

"No information can be contained in any system indefinitely."

"Faster-than-light spaceflight leads to spatial runaway, and is not compatible with galaxy wide civilizations interacting in stable equilibrium."

"The probability of interaction for advanced technological intelligent civilizations within a galaxy strongly depends on the number of such civilizations, and their spatial-temporal variance."

The author uses these conclusions to estimate 500-1000 civilizations in the Milky Way.

This is a considerably longer and more advanced article than is typical for Centauri Dreams. Maybe I could have fully understood it 42 years ago when the ink on my B.S. in Astronomy was still wet, but I have grown rusty.

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