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Hello! Late Introduction

I completely forgot to introduce myself- despite having joined nearly one month ago.

To be honest, I've joined the forum because I wanted to know the behind-the-scenes comments regarding some of the more ambiguous parts of the Orion's Arm articles- such as the motivations of exogalactic civilizations, the Ghost Net, and how we came with so many specific numbers and calculations in each article.

I'll be binge-reading through the general discussion forum, at any rate.
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Feel free to join in on any discussions that grab your interest or to start a new one if you've a mind to. That includes asking any questions or concerns you may have about the setting or the OA project more generally.

To answer one of the questions in your first post - The people here came up with the many specific numbers and calculations in the various articles either by researching them from external real life sources, doing the math directly, or getting assistance from other members with the know how to do the math directly.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OA! Smile
Hi there! Welcome to OA and feel free to ask any questions about those topics Smile
We might give detailed answers , or you might find that ambiguous parts are simply areas that haven’t been written about yet (that you can fill!) , or maybe they’re ambiguous for a reason Smile

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