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August updates
August Updates (Brahe 14, 54 AT)

New Art
Window Washer bot by Zandeka (I still can't seem to fix the glitch where I add a full size image to an article and have it not distorted / expand when clicked on)
Robotics + any other articles that might be good for the image.

New Fiction 
More Things in Heaven by Todd Drashner

Full spreadsheet of all 174 OA stories with summaries and word counts 
viewable here on the website.

Feel free to add any other updates to mention
Fixed the image issue with the 'Window Washing Bot' image.
this hasn't been posted on the updates page.
(09-08-2022, 04:01 AM)arman Wrote: this hasn't been posted on the updates page.

Yes I’ll add the updates in a few hours, thanks

Also added an illustration to
World of forking paths
I swapped the Forking Paths illustrations over so that the newest one appears first. I think it is probably better to display the newest illustrations further up the page, unless this contradicts the text.
I just added that article to the Cybercosm topic; let me know if this is somehow an issue. It fits very well in that topic, and since that's our focus right now, it makes sense to make sure articles that fit are put in (and the topic doesn't have that many articles in it). I also fixed a typo in the intro blurb by adding a comma after "Gliese 33".

Edit: looking into it more, the Alfirk Panvirtuality Swarm also isn't included in that topic. Was this deliberate because these virches are not generally accessible to Sephirotic sophonts? The Cybercosm topic page seems to cover both senses of the term - the accessible one and all cybercosms in general.

Edit 2 9-9-22: looks like someone did it now, thanks!
Yeah go for it
the Alfirk Panvirtuality Swarm could be connected to the cybercosm topic

August Updates now up

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