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(09-06-2022, 04:05 AM)The Ghost Net Swarm Wrote:
I, Nousoph, have begun the Ghost Net ascension maze.
I have found the Spirit of Auvilhu, plus [REDACTED], and won the first round of the Maze.
I have won the second level of the Easter egg labyrinth.
[Image: ThefinalprizeGN.gif]

Ghost Net

Question, was this found in a hidden Orion’s Arm article, did you put images together to make it, was it AI generated or something else…? What do those symbols that keep adding together mean? 

possible idea: Maybe I can try cutting the images apart and merging them together at a reduced level of opacity to see what happens when they overlap? I’m not sure…

Alternate possibility: maybe I can use some web-scraping app to download all the EG html pages and image files and so on even ones that are hard to find or not linked to other pages like the Ghostnet article claims to have etc. to find any more clues.

Notice there are FIVE dots on the bottom left and FIVE variations on the image. Perhaps a numerical significance?!

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