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obvious noob questions from a writer
Just read the blurb on authonomy for your book - it certainly sound interesting and like something from early in the OA timelineSmile

Couple of thoughts here:

a) Could you tell us more about how Authonomy works? I don't think we've heard of it before and it might be something we'd like to play with or encourage our authors to play with.

b) Would you be amenable to providing some feedback on how well the OA project does in terms of encouraging authors to write stories in the setting? Both in terms of the pay structure, but also just as a setting for an author to play in. Many of us have been part of the project for a long time and its often useful to get an outside perspective to point out issues or problems that the 'veterans' don't notice.

All the above is purely voluntary of course. Feel free to decline or even ignore the request if you wish - it won't have any impact on any future conversations or business dealings or whateverSmile Just something I thought to I'd ask.



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