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obvious noob questions from a writer
I'm my iPad ATM so limited typing.

I think we could probably make this work, and let you continue playing in the Hyades, while remaining in canon. Biggest challenges I see are:

A) people from something near our time playing a role. OA has cryogenics and other stasis tech being developed, but not until the early 24th century CE. People from that period might be too strange to make proper 'windows', even if presented as slum dwellers living in the most primitive conditions (meaning like average people live now - which ought to blow a fuse or two in your readers mind). Or maybe that could be workable (thoughts?). I wasn't able to find a date for when revivable cryogenics were developed, just vitrification. I'm not one of our history experts, so we need input from them. If they were frozen early enough, they might greatly predate even the first starships and were just loaded on an Ark w/o being woken up. There are some other...stranger options as well.

B) the early AIs in the Taurus Nexus. This is mainly just a matter of scheduling so that the ship doesn't get there until they've vanished. Just need to run the numbers.

C) the limited lifetime of the TN civ that comes after the first one. Still it's at its height for something like a thousand years and there are still people there up to the OA present. Is that enough room to play in?

D) the wormholes left by the first TN civ. I suspect they will be more of a feature than a bug for you, but obviously I don't know all the details of your story ATM.

Overall, and at first blush, I think this can be made to work. Need to get input from other members and buy in from the other senior members, but can float that easily enough.

My 2c worth,


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