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December/January 2023 Updated articles
December/January 2023 (Galilei 27, 54 AT)

Updated Articles
Virtual reality (now combined into a topic)

The sephirotic empires revised by crossroads + New Image by Vaktus

New images

Ocean of Ys article Plankton illustration by Gabrielle of Gaussia

New Illustrations by Midjourney software & Keith Wigdor

We have chosen a new focus! Life on orbital habitats proved to be the most popular choice by ranked choice vote. 
For the next four months the editors, and anyone else who wants to join in on the forums, will be focusing on this topic to add more details to the worldbuilding and expand our vision of what daily life within the grand megastructures of the sephirotics might be like. Everything from the smallest singlehab to the largest dyson swarm is fair game. 
Gigaverse, The

New article, wasn't in the last set of updates.

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