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February 2023 updates

Hippocrates 27, 54 AT (February 28, 2023) 

New Articles

Star  by the Astronomer

New Art
Wadai Ringworld maps (WD 0230-144)   by Worldtree

New illustrations created by Midjourney Software + Keith Wigdor

Laughter Hegemony
Reproductive Technologies

First Toposophic - Basic Transapients
Fed Reps (Federation Representatives)

Keith Wigdor and Midjourney gallery

Updated articles 

Languages and Linguistics by the Astronomer

Inner Sphere updates by the Astronomer 

Intra-habitats  (Ledges section) by Todd Drashner

Toposophics (The Gavatalamic Map section) + new art by Worldtree and Gabrielle of Gaussia

White Dwarf article by the Astronomer

Wormhole Nexus by the Astronomer
article update adds the Nexus Code and definition of ‘Sector’.

Data panel updates by the Astronomer 

Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris)
Branswerg (Gliese 868)
Dorangloon (Gliese 877)

Ithiplumo (GJ 3379)

Nova Terra

Orinoco (Lambda Serpentis)

Very good to see. Minor tweak: probably best to make sure "The Astronomer" is capitalized consistently.

Re Wadai, I don't actually see the maps in the article yet. Glad they will be added though - was going to bump that soon to encourage that to be done.
capitalization on 'Astronomer' fixed

adding maps now

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