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Hi I am Alex,

I was watching the videos of Isaac Arthur in order and saw the namedrop for OA right at the very beginning.

I am an independent author of several books, some of it sci-fi, which is my favorite genre, but also dabble in many other types of creative writing, as well as academic writing. I post all of it for free online, but also offer one book for sale currently (the other ones are no longer available), which includes a large amount of my short to very short fiction.

I have been a an undergraduate of arts majoring in political science since 2017 at our local city University, but due to illness it is looking like I won't be completing my degree for now (I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002 and have suffered greatly under this illness, though not all is gloomy).

As far as sci-fi authors I enjoy, there is the obvious gang of Asimov and his contemporaries (not all of them). But more recent authors include Gibson and Vinge, who I devoured. Recently started a Brunner novel ("The shockwave rider"). I won't post a full list, but my reading has also suffered in adulthood due to the various pharmaceuticals I chose to take to alleviate thoughts that are not helpful. Sad I do use goodreads to chronicle my relatively humble list of readings.

I enjoy this work so much already, especially the hard sci-fi angle.

Thanks to this community for making OA! Smile
Hi There! Welcome to OA Smile

Please feel free to join in on any discussions that catch your interest or to start new ones if there's something you'd like to discuss that we aren't currently.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the setting or the wider OA project, please don't hesitate to ask/raise them.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OA!

Introverts of the World - Unite! Separately....In our own homes.
Thanks Both! Smile

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