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Possible EG Redesign Ideas
On a rather different note - Would it be possible (and desirable) to create a size comparison chart for different solar systems in the setting, showing the difference in size between the planets in that system? Perhaps clicking on each planet, or on it's title under the image, can take you to the page (or section of the data panel/page) that details that planet.

Something like the image on this page perhaps?

Just a thought,

We could do that now for most of the systems in the setting (for comparison purposes it is only necessary to show Earth and Jupiter, or sometimes Neptune)
Making the image clickable would be somewhat trickier, as we can't do that in the CMS directly, but it can be done in html.
system diagrams like this?
The sizes came from the charts in the To'ul'h system artical. Tohsolo and Hathass didn't have numbers listed, but i assume from their world type, they're smaller than To'ul'h.
I can put it in the EG if it looks fine

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Yes, exactly, this would be greatSmile Basically this could go on the top of the page just above the data panel for the system. Probably as a fairly small banner image. A user could click on it to get the big image like what you have here.

Below that could be the data panel on the system/worlds, with a link for each planet title that takes you to the page/data panel for that specific planet or object.

Essentially it would add another level of visual information to the readers experience, which could be helpful and a good thing.

Very nice image, and a very good idea.
I've tried adding the image into the article, but it doesn't show up, despite my being able to view it in the CMS and in previews of the article. I followed the image uploading procedures precisely.
Hm. Steve is the resident expert on the CMS. I'm sure he'll be able to adviseSmile
Make it possible to set up 'slideshow' windows allowing the display of multiple images anywhere on the website we wish.

If possible, perhaps set these up on some of the main Topic pages to help intro that topic.
So, I know we've put the site redesign wishlist 'to bed', but today I had an idea.

Currently we have a number of timelines around the site, primarily the main ones on the History pages (both the older static list version and the newer scrollable page). In addition some of the planets or cultures in the setting have their own mini-timelines on their page. And there is the Tech Timeline.

In thinking about our earlier discussions about an audit of the OA timeline (which I want to get back to at some point), it occurred to me that one of the challenges with an audit, or with modifying the timeline is that we currently have multiple separate timelines that would all need to be reviewed and coordinated, either as part of an audit or any time we want to make a change or an addition. I'm wondering if there might be a better way?

Specifically, I'm thinking about the database behind the scrollable timeline. IIRC pretty much the entire content of the older list and tech timelines are contained within it and I presume it is basically a database. One that already has years and major part of the setting (Technology, Sophonts, Galactography, etc.) included. Might it be possible (and desirable) to use this already existing database to as the basis of a 'master timeline table' that could be displayed as a table, but filtered in various ways as we find convenient. Essentially take the data that is already there and present it as a table (or series of tables on different pages) on the History pages. But have the ability to filter it so that we could display other, smaller or subject specific timelines on whatever pages we happen to want to put them. Basically it would be a sort of very large and shared spreadsheet.

In addition, having one table/master database would allow us to make updates in just one place and have one historical 'source of truth' that would be consistent across the entire site.

So, two major questions:

a) Is this sort of thing doable from a technical standpoint?

b) Is this sort of thing desirable?


(02-16-2014, 08:54 AM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: I've tried adding the image into the article, but it doesn't show up, despite my being able to view it in the CMS and in previews of the article. I followed the image uploading procedures precisely.

My apologies, Arik; I missed this post earlier. You are right - the image doesn't show up. Could you post the image you are trying to display here, in this thread, and I'll try to place it on the site myself; there may be a size limit, although some of my images are very large, especially the maps.

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