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The Orion’s Arm
Just saw this titled “The Orion’s Arm” from the Templin Institute.
There is another Orion's Arm out there, a near-future scenario by William Black.
It was created after our version, but it appears that Black did not know about our project until we contacted him. I like his art very much, and he has created some very realistic spaceship designs, so we have not made any complaints about the similarity in names between our various projects. Note that Black has been working more-or-less alone on his history, so it is not really comparable to our project.

I wonder where Alan Kazlev and Anders Sandberg got the inspiration for the name from in the first place? Orion isn't particularly associated with his strong arms, although as a hunter strong arms would obviously be a bonus.
I always assumed that the project was named after the part of the galaxy that Sol is located in (the Orion Spur). But I don't recall Alan or Anders ever mentioning it explicitly.

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