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Updated January 2024
January 2024 

happy new year! in the gregorian calendar.

Galilei 27, 55 AT (January 31, 2024 AD )

New articles


GrenRij /CW Leonis


Rewritten/expanded  articles

Erotogens (rewrite)

Mabugana habitat/ship (rewrite)

Macrystis (savastos solar system) 

I just wanted  to finally put up the data panels and images for now, and I’ll be adding descriptions over the next week to get this to the level of the to’ul’h solar system. 



Nivline (rewrite)

Looks like we might (?) have the history of keter and the communion of worlds article done within a few days so i can hold off on posting the update. Or those can wait until next month. No hurry  
I would suggest waiting a bit until the Macrystis (perhaps to be renamed Savastos?) page is no longer incomplete, and the new Papercutters article is up. That can go up very soon as the only thing left to do with it is minor wordsmithing. Then once we announce, people will only be shown the new versions of both.

Keter and Communion of Worlds will take a little longer so IMO they can be done next month.
I've updated the Carbon Stars article somewhat, with pictures, to explain the stellar class of Grenrij/CW Leonis.
A few new and updated images.
Archivists -
Presence Chamber -
Isolates -
Ordinatus III -
Bentharis -

edit; also Jupkai -
Good. I'm happy to see new articles and updated ones.

Multiversalism is just Max Tegmark's multiverses. That's funny.
Quote: "Nature considers all variables".
Quote:Multiversalism is just Max Tegmark's multiverses. That's funny.
That is the basis for it, but I could elaborate on the potential religious and philosophical ramifications of a multiverse at extraordinary length if that was interesting enough.

Just about every theological idea can be embedded into a multiversal context, and many existing religions have some 'alternate realities' woven into their structure. But I didn't want to make this article excessively long.

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