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Proof-reading EG
Big Ben's World

Inconsistent capitalizations:

Democratically elected Transapient council
should be
Democratically elected transapient council

6 billion UV adapted Tweaks ('Bennies')
2 Billion Vacuum adapted humans. [delete terminal period]
8 Billion vecs of various design [ design -> designs]
15 billion virtuals of various origin [ origin -> origins ]
13 billion nearbaseline humans of various clade [ clade -> clades ]
11 billion sophont alife.

Billion --> billion
Tweeks -> tweeks
Vacuum -> vacuum
( not capitalized since none of them are "proper names")

of various design and construction.
probably should be
of various designs and construction.
Fixed; thanks!
Search Non-Terragen Intelligence

Date of To'ul'h contact is 2831, should be 3831
James Rogers, Professional Idiot
Fixed; thanks!
The entry for Genemod on the page for EG articles starting with G

and under its own page

the link within the article for genestick is off. It goes to

rather than

That colon makes a big difference.



In the article Affines some text is repeated.

" but numerous theories have been advanced. Some believe that affines are weapons developed by higher toposophic minds -- like specialized memetic combat ISOs. Others suggest that affines are the inevitable result of natural evolution, arising to fill a new ecological niche opened up by the emergence of transapients. "

1st paragrah of Origins and History. And 5th paragraph of Factors to Susceptibility.
Terran Federation

the number of hider, ostracized, and ouster clades also is not known

Google can't find a mention of "ouster clades" in any other article. I.e. it's undefined.
I've found mention of 'ousters' on these pages, always associated with Hiders
The term appears to mean ' those who oust' or maybe 'those who have been ousted'; i.e. either claim-jumpers, outlaws, refugees or serial invaders of territory.

Either Alan or Anders may have intended to expand upon their role, but failed to do so; that doesn't mean that we can't.
I'm pretty sure the term comes from the Hyperion Cantos universe created by Dan Simmons. I highly recommend the books BTW, but be sure to read them in order.

While seeking to avoid spoilers:

The Ousters are one of the two main branches of humanity, descended from space hab dwellers who took off into interstellar space during a period of massive upheaval early in the history of the human civ in the books. Exactly why they left is never explained in the stories.

They eventually form a 'macro-life' civilization, moving nomadically from star system to star system for resources, but otherwise spending most of their time in interstellar space traveling in great Swarms of thousands of ships, habs, and engineered comets and asteroids, all fitted with the FTL Hawking drive used in the setting.

They have a tense to all out warfare relationship with the other main branch of humanity, the planet based WorldWeb/Hegemony of Man and later the Pax.

I imagine that Alan appropriated the term into the setting, but that it never really caught on or was superceded by others (e.g., Backgrounders).

Personally, I'd prefer that we simply remove it from the setting to avoid seeming like we are copying from the Cantos universe.

My 2c worth,


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