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Proof-reading EG
I was looking over the article. Places and Locales, and found soething odd...

It says "Much of Vatican City" was placed in a vault.  Since it's comparatively small, why didn't Gaia, or whoever, put *all* of it in the vault?  It seems strange the whole thing wasn't preserved.   Can that be changed?  I don't know who is allowed to change articles.
Sounds like a good idea. Maybe they simply left out the hot dog stalls and ice cream stands.
Terran Federation sephirotic empire ruling Yave is missing an hyperlink to Yave article. Currently the word is in plain text.
TF: (Terran Federation)
Yave article: (Yave)

Also, we could merge Gevurah article and Judge, The (The just one)
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The updated Technocalypse article appears to have an incorrect picture:

The picture associated with the caption, "Padang Harbour arcology, 572 AT. The arcology was a wonder of biological architecture until the Black Rot arrived. The struggle between the Rot and the Sharp Orchid 3.2 bluegoo severely damaged all organic materials in the vicinity," is just of the Earth and moon, not of an arcology.
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Fixed. Thanks!

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