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Proof-reading EG
Way back in the way back (around when I started reading the EG in 2001 or so), there was an agrav fabric listed. It was essentially the same as what is described in Vinge's Zones of Thought universe. It was never used much and was removed very early on, but apparently this bit slipped through the cracks. The older version of the site had less sophisticated search capabilities and we've also probably been more lax than we should at times when it comes to using the Search feature to fully find things we've decided to remove.

On a related note, there is a more recent thread on a new version of Ylem that my initial research shows might be workable. It would basically convert radiant energy into neutrinos, which has some basis in reality it turns out, at least at gamma ray energies.

Will get to in eventually if someone else doesn't beat me to it. Once the Nanodisaster rewrite hits the list this weekend/early next week it's still going to likely go through a lot of revisions and then that retcon will be fairly massive. But after that, I have a long list of EGs I've been wanting to do.

(04-13-2014, 02:02 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Biology/paleontology is not my area of expertise, but this seems simple enough to correct and make more robust in the process. Perhaps change the sentence to read:

"Early on, e had developed a technique of augmenting the modest dinosaurian brain into an organ capable of supporting a fully sophont mind through the use of generous wetware and symbiotic neurobionanotech..."

OR, if we wanted to change it up a bit more...

"Early on, e had developed a technique using generous wetware and symbiotic neurobionanotech to augment the modest dinosaurian brain into an organ capable of supporting a fully sophont mind..."

Or something like that.

Will give this some time for others to weigh in and then update the EG accordingly.

Thanks for catching this!


This has now been fixed, btw.

Ooh. So many rewrites. Exciting stuff.

So that's what Ylem is supposed to do. And, clarketech being clarketech, I'm assuming Ylem will have a toposophic requirement pertaining to its production and maintenance.

I just visited the page about Clarketech and one of the first things my eyes fell on was 'antigravity cloth.'
(01-29-2015, 09:36 AM)Rynn Wrote: The context of the agrav quote is key:

Quote:The early Age of Crisis period saw a further crucial undermining of the Cygexba empire. The so-called Tonebtor Transcend flooded the market with agrav cloth of multi-decade stability and saw some fortunes made and others broken. A number of Zoeific Biopolity struck it rich at the same time that at least a dozen Cygexba wormhole-control AIs decided to defect to the Biopolity. The Biopolity corps were suddenly in a position to invest in and buy off memetically entire strategic star systems and polities

So what we need is a replacement product that could conceivably have the same effect.

One option that comes to mind would be quantum entanglement units of multi-decade stability. Although, I'm not sure that would qualify as transapientech.

We could also do something distinctly transapient such as construction swarms (transapient versions can operate indefinitely without mutating or going off the rails), quantum levitation tech such as transfer planes (surfaces that can adjust their friction at will and also 'levitate' objects up to macroscale around without magnetic fields), or chaos wands in various flavors to stabilize climates as part of terraforming.

Just to spitball some ideas.

More random finds...
  • Meson Gun (mini article, so no direct link) talks of creating pions from electron-positron collisions... is this actually a plausible thing? I was under the impression that all you got out of that reaction were gamma rays.
  • Clesycs seem to have a lot of overlap with Fastmen. Should these articles be combined? (and does 'yardsale' make any sense to the average EG reader in 11000AT?)

And a bigger job... mojibake! Lots of articles have mangled characters, probably from a charset translation issue back in the day when the most recent version of the CMS was brought into use. Articles I've found with mangled letters:
I've seen lots of others but failed to make note of them. Is this particular issue worth its own thread?
I started on the Eä Mulsystems article for odd characters and grammar but I noticed the history is contradictory. The article states that Eä emerged in 3076, but split in 2287. Is the 3076 date in A.D. and the 2287 date in A.T.? Or is one a typo?
The First Federation megacorporation Eä Mulsystems emerged from the merger of Graphos Habeng and Kbelt Aitronics in 3076. It soon became a major development of integrated AI solutions, controlled environments and habitat infrastructure. Although it had no interstellar traffic on its own, it constructed starship habitats and space networks in other solar systems for many other megacorporations.

During the Federation Era, Eä Mulsystems remained a strong economic force, deeply involved in the software maintenance advocacy on the compatibility side. It also supported research into breaching the Singularity barriers and applications of AI superintelligence, making it one of the most AI-dense megacorporations around at the time. At the same time it was a nearly federative structure, with local branches having great autonomy. All this together made it a nearly faceless organisation, mainly known among corporate and government customers.

In the 2200's, the introduction of stargates led to the reunification crisis. Different branches found themselves in close contact, and questions of the optimal level of autonomy relative to each other were raised. At the same time a sizable fraction of the leadership and employees had become influenced by Keterism, and saw the Keterist project of building a posthuman utopia as an immense economic chance. In 2287 it was decided by the shareholders to split the company into Eä Holdings, an umbrella organisation of autonomous Eä branches, and Eä Transcendence Systems, the unified core. Eä Transcendence established its seat on Ain Soph Aur and became one of the first Keterist Megacorps.

Eä Transcendence Systems grew in leaps and bounds as the vital Keterist culture expanded, evolving into a network hyperstructure maintenance organisation. Gradually the corporate structure dissolved into a smart contract cluster. In some sense the corporations exists today embedded within nearly all Keterist systems (making it the most long-lived and widespread corporation ever), although in practice it has ceased to exist as an independent entity.

Eä Holdings prospered during the era of expansion, but as the megacorporations began to consolidate into empires, local branches either were bought up or left the cluster. In 3373 the remnants of Eä Holdings were bought up by NoCoZo interests and merged into the Hellesme Corporate Federation, a short lived attempt at internal empire building within the NoCoZo.
If this corp emerged in the First Federation, then the 3076 date must be in c.e.. It should be 1107 A.T..
Changed; thanks.
(01-30-2015, 05:22 AM)Ithuriel Wrote: [*]Clesycs seem to have a lot of overlap with Fastmen. Should these articles be combined? (and does 'yardsale' make any sense to the average EG reader in 11000AT?)
I was thinking about this entry myself, with a view to maybe illustrating it. A Clesyc would look like a small flock of different sized mobile organisms, some biont, some artificial.

Yardsales are not something I'm familiar with, and I don't think that 'car boot sales' is a good substitute; does anyone have a better idea? Or we could just drop the metaphor altogether.

This article can easily be linked to the Fastmen article and vice versa. The ideas are a bit different (one is polysomatic, the other is not).
(01-30-2015, 05:22 AM)Ithuriel Wrote: More random finds...
. Articles I've found with mangled letters:
I've seen lots of others but failed to make note of them. Is this particular issue worth its own thread?
Fixed; these annoy me no end. Probably they could be fixed with a single high-level re-set, but Trond would need to make that, and he is busy atm. Anyway I prefer to fix these things myself. Just post them and I'll see what I can do.
The Ship Design: Shielding article has a broken link under the 'transapienttech shielding technology' section, which looks like <{T492d6fafbef2aS:2 level}>

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