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Proof-reading EG
The Verifex article has a typo near the end: intrerstellar.
(02-11-2015, 09:41 PM)Ithuriel Wrote: The Verifex article has a typo near the end: intrerstellar.

Fixed. Thanks!
(02-11-2015, 09:03 PM)Ithuriel Wrote: The Ship Design: Shielding article has a broken link under the 'transapienttech shielding technology' section, which looks like <{T492d6fafbef2aS:2 level}>
Fixed - thanks.
The Pentagon Moons article has a CMS error in the Early History section.
Quote:The Pentagon Moons system was settled by a {A464e8caca8b42,Genetekker}> expatriate Su
I'm looking at it now and it seems to be working. Did someone already fix it?


So it was a broken link, huh?
This is the thread for EG articles, yes, but I've noticed that quite a few OA fics have some corrupted text as well, replacing apostrophes with numbers and so on. I'll name a few when I get back.
No prob. We'll keep an eye out for them.
Yes; I fixed the Pentagon Moon page. Most of these broken links are my fault, - they happen when I try to edit the site manually.

The weird text (especially in the fiction pages) are a result of something Trond might have done inadvertently when he updated the CMS; it is probably best if we put them right ourselves, as they are a consequence of using an old version of file encoding that is now obsolete.

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Intertoposophic Conflict
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