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Proof-reading EG
These should all be fixed now; thanks.
Underplanetary should be Interplanetary.
[Lost the link. Quick search reveals nothing. False alarm?]
The Wormhole Gazeteer and TopoGo use Zoefic Biopolity instead of Zoeific Biopolity.
The Silent Ones
Quote:After hatching, the larval beings rapidly grow into small amphibious snake-like creatures, which latter loose their thick fur and develop legs.
The Great Ecologist article has a linke with a stray 'http' that's leaked out of it near the bottom... httpDisarchy.

The Greensong Accord article has some broken formatting around the image at the top.

The Haloers mentions "blue good", and probably meant "goo" (on a related note, should we be trying to make a list of nanoswarm related articles that need to be updated when the new nanoswarm work goes live?)

The Clade Marian article has a "style" heading that needs to be made bold (just above "Marian Aesthetics is fairly drab and utilitarian").
All fixed - thanks.
Unterplanetary should be Interplanetary here.
Neuro-fractal Patterning
F-Type Stars
It says A-type stars as a typo in the last sentence.
(02-15-2015, 04:41 AM)PortalHunter Wrote: F-Type Stars
It says A-type stars as a typo in the last sentence.

This & the neurofractal articles fixed. Thanks!

Quote:The term Rianth is derived from Greek, therianthrope, and was first used in the <{T45b2b10d8b211,Interplanetary Age}.
The article on nanobots has a minor typo:

Quote:[..]have an internal power source can access external power such as light such as light or chemical fuels[..]
"Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people." -- Edward Robert Harrison

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