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Proof-reading EG
In that same article:

"At some point after this they were either uplifted or themselves developed starfaring capacity."

"Alternatively, the race as a whole may have been gengineered by the Auld Limners or their archailect or uplift/patron race to remove aggressive warlike tendencies."

"when they uplift they don't just grab some primitives and tweak them till they get a new species. The interferers are patient, maybe causing a point mutation every decade or so, changing the environment to select certain types of individuals, etc." Some more in the following paragraph as well.

"52,000 - 38,000 BT: presumed Auld uplift by the Soft Ones"
Yes, we used uplift exclusively in the early days of the project. We contacted David Brin, or possibly just his agent, to see if that was okay with him, but they wrote back and told us the term was copyrighted. So we developed the term 'provolve' (and at the same time developed the term Vec to avoid conflicts with the Star Wars universe over 'droid', which might still lurk in the dark corners of OA somewhere).

Brin is actually a very nice chap, and I've had brief contact with him on the 'net; he's a bit of an expert on the Fermi Paradox, one of my own interests. Somehow I doubt he really objected to this usage, and several other sci-fi authors and scenarios use the 'uplift' term, so I doubt he really does have copyright on it. But I'm rather fond of 'provolution', since it implies an act of evolution rather than just a technical fix.

All instances of 'uplift' changed to 'provolved' and derived terms.
If I'm honest, I actually rather like the term "uplift" being used on the site. ;p Provolve is great as well, and the word is distinctively OA, but I just think it's a neat word. xD That said, there are probably a lot more places on the site where terms like "uplift" (and "droid") are still used. I can get a few up now, if it would be helpful.

EDIT: the term "uplift" can be found in all the following articles. I'm not really sure if changing all of them is necessary, but nonetheless, here they are:

•Angel Hair
•Archosaurian Entity, The
•Baseline Bob
•Benedita Blue Sky (Benedita Dacosta)
•Chuckie the Beanz Borg
•Early Superior Art
•Far Edge Civilisation, The
•Heron Institute of Applied Technology
•Huycau - Sitr'achra
•Industrial Upgradation Incorporated
•Molatov Skulwak
•Neophyte (Neo or Newb)
•Organic Ascension Alliance, The
•Rise of the Archailects, The
•Universal Bill of Sentient Rights

Additionally, androids can be found several times in the Factotums and Gamaliel article. This should probably be updated to vec.
James Rogers, Professional Idiot
I don't agree that android should be updated to vec.
Android is a separate term, and Lucas doesn't claim to own it; the term android was used many years ago, long before Star Wars, usually in the context of a humanoid robot. If android should be replaced, then the term 'synthetic human' should be used.

Quote:The term "android" appears in US patents as early as 1863 in reference to miniature human-like toy automatons.
Oh, er, sorry for the mistake. I wasn't concerned about copyright (I know android is a term that isn't copyrighted), but I thought androids were generally referred to as vecs. If it's a specific type of vec, 's cool.
James Rogers, Professional Idiot
I have a half-remembered memory of watching Star Wars when it first came out, and wondering why Lucas called RD-D2 a 'droid, when it was obvious it wasn't remotely humanoid.
According to the article on the xeno Pas'utu'ril, their homeworld is located about 7k lightyears from Earth in Aquarius. However, the article also mentions that it is near M2. M2 is a globular cluster which is located about 37,500 lightyears from Earth. Might wanna fix this.
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Sometimes I think the locations describe the location of the world as seen from Earth, like that recent 'planet' in our Oort cloud that appears to be near Alpha Centauri. (Which I'm doubtful about, as mentioned elsewhere).
Reply :

Quote:Even members of this the last group may still attack if they perceive an actual or even a potential threat. :

Quote:The Red Dwarf Kings weree an [..]

This articles mentions "nanoplagues":

If one clicks on "nanoplagues" it leads to a page with the title "The Nanodisaster". But I don't know, whether these articles have already been scheduled for an update. Nevertheless I thought, I should mention them. :

Quote:Among the new colonies that have so far made contact with the Nexus reciever stations [..]
"Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people." -- Edward Robert Harrison
It's really frustrating to me that given a location, it's very very difficult to figure out what is 'nearby' to it, or given two or three things you want a story setting to be close to, it's very hard to figure out where it has to be. Or if you want something to be isolated or connected having to figure out whether it's close to a known wormhole, where the beamrider networks connect, etc.

I know that part of this is just representing 3-space with 2-space maps. Part of it is a lack of landmarks. Part of it is me being more nitpicky about locations making sense in the overall settings. But it's still frustrating. This is the reason I did that overlay of MEEC and HEEC civilizations for example; it's ridiculous to not know where they are in relation to each other. It's still ridiculous that looking over the 'Black Acropolis' entry and the 'Rak Mesba' entry I STILL CAN'T TELL which of the MEECs within terragen space those are. GRRF! How do you write about how people interact with something, without even knowing whose territory it's in?!

The ridiculously vague maps are probably one of the main barriers to writing good consistent stories that take advantage of the fact that different places in the setting are DIFFERENT!

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