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Proof-reading EG
Are these dates consistent?

By the fall of 541, the combination of events, in particular the Black Rot and the Malware Outbreak, is estimated to have resulted in nearly five billion deaths, either directly or as a result of deaths due to infrastructure loss, economic collapse, lack of transportation (in particular lack of medical transport), lack of potable water, and lack of medical treatment, including rejuvenation and uploading.

Zarathustra was originally colonised by heteromorphic tweaks descended from the Nedyne Industries corporate headquarters and mining outposts in Jupiter orbit. During the Technocalypse they quickly realised the danger and hastily assembled a makeshift starship from a mass-driver, a number of fusion reactors, the main habitat and quickly nanofactured equipment. Led by the board of directors and their AI advisors Nedyne Industries fled in 551 AT towards Gamma Pavonis, judged as being far enough to be unlikely to be visited by any plague-carrying groups and known to have a habitable planet.
What do you mean by 'consistent' in this context?

I think the article of the Emple-dokcetics need more interlinks.
Like: Lirantiq (in the first line), Bambata, Wormhole Nexus, Com Emp (commonwealth of empires), Version War, Atogier refugees, vec, splice, Gorca Pleroma, Zarathustrism, M50 Disaster, M50 Cluster in Monoceros, shielding technology, Current Era, Rajasekar civilisation, Keterist.

Also need to include a mention (with subsequent interlink) to minor article Eudocet:

Eudocet - Text by Anders Sandberg
Emple-Dokcetic language of artificial origin, employing special language modules and possibly wetware language centers. Spreading at a phenomenal rate in the region dominated by the Emple-dokcetics, causing a major language extinction event.
Theta Vinculum

Type M2III
(according to Simbad) should be
Type K2

Luminosity 120 luminosity
probably was meant to be
Luminosity 120 Sols
(I get something more like 80 Sols, but I could easily have messed up the calculation.)
If the distance from Sol is correct, this calculator gives me 95.22 times Sol.

"I'd much rather see you on my side, than scattered into... atoms." Ming the Merciless, Ruler of the Universe
I assumed that the light from this star is subject to a certain amount of extinction, pumping the true brightness up to 120 x Sol.
Pascal Hartman's addon shows it as M2III, but K2 would be fine (making it an orange giant).
The article of the Negentropy Alliance don't have hyperlinks in the text. I think the article need some links.
Like for example:
AI cluster, the Strict One, Geburah, the Just One, the Ruler or the Eternal Judge. Precepts of Negentropy , Research Brotherhood of Omegarete in 2465 a.t., Negentropy Prime (Seat of Judgement) , Ken Ferjik, Greylag, Daffy and Gegton. wormholes, nexus, Neohermeticists, Second Federation , Alexandria III in the Femmersham system , Encyclopaedia Galactica Institute of Ken Ferjik, Dyson shells, Solar Dominion, Metasoft, NoCoZo, Version War, Zoeific Biopolity, Cygexpa .

A question, the Symbol of the Negentropy Alliance is: " An adamant pentagon, usually embossed with a pair of highly stylized scales " or is a pentagon with the letter omega in lowercase?
(04-29-2017, 10:13 AM)radtech497 Wrote: If the distance from Sol is correct, this calculator gives me 95.22 times Sol.

Thinking about it, the rate of extinction is lower for red stars than it is for blue stars, so I think I'll go with this figure (and the Simbad classification). Fixed. Note that for some of the more distant stars we really should increase the luminosity slightly to account for extinction.
Middle Regions/Hinter-regions

and those who wanted freedom are forced
would be better as
and those who want freedom are forced
Regor Supernova, The

as Regor A`s newly created iron core
should be
as Regor A's newly created iron core

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