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What scientific ideas should society get rid of?
(01-25-2014, 03:11 PM)ai_vin Wrote:
(01-25-2014, 09:26 AM)JohnnyYesterday Wrote: "Miraculous coincidences"? *groan* It amazes me how intelligent people can be so stupid.

Do oceans exist so that marine creatures have a place to live? Of course not. Why should the most fundamental properties of the universe be any different? If they weren't what they are, everything would be different. Maybe there's a universe out there somewhere where patterns in charged clouds of other-matter are thinking that if their universe were much different, they couldn't exist--it's properties must have been tuned just-so by the Great Kra-Tob!

Double *groan* for "Intelligent Design." Rolleyes

And who says other universes' existence is somehow precluded by belief in deity?

I would like to see done away with the idea that science has anything to say about theology, and vice versa, the idea that proper science somehow invalidates belief in God. I don't have any problems accepting that science is showing us the means by which things came to be--were created, in my belief. Why people assume there is some huge conflict between the two I will never understand. :/

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