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What scientific ideas should society get rid of?
(01-25-2014, 03:11 PM)ai_vin Wrote:
(01-25-2014, 09:26 AM)JohnnyYesterday Wrote: "Miraculous coincidences"? *groan* It amazes me how intelligent people can be so stupid.

Do oceans exist so that marine creatures have a place to live? Of course not. Why should the most fundamental properties of the universe be any different? If they weren't what they are, everything would be different. Maybe there's a universe out there somewhere where patterns in charged clouds of other-matter are thinking that if their universe were much different, they couldn't exist--it's properties must have been tuned just-so by the Great Kra-Tob!

Double *groan* for "Intelligent Design." Rolleyes

And who says other universes' existence is somehow precluded by belief in deity?

I would like to see done away with the idea that science has anything to say about theology, and vice versa, the idea that proper science somehow invalidates belief in God. I don't have any problems accepting that science is showing us the means by which things came to be--were created, in my belief. Why people assume there is some huge conflict between the two I will never understand. :/
Absolutely; science and theology are Non-overlapping magisteria. I like to idly speculate about theology too, and some of these speculations have been incorporated into OA. Alan Kazlev, one of the founders of this site, introduced many intriguing theological and mystical ideas into OA himself.

However we take the line of 'metaphysical neutrality' at OA; we don't know the truth about these questions, and we assume that the Archailects don't know either, or if they do, they aren't telling.
Then they have matured more considerably than a lot of current humanity, by understanding that it is OK to allow a diversity of belief without stepping on people who peacefully disagree.
Oh there are plenty of religious disputes, but they tend to happen outside the regions where the archai exercise direct power, in regions such as the Outer Volumes and Periphery. In the current Era this is a large fraction of the Terragen Sphere.

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