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Magnetic monopoles
(02-01-2014, 04:13 AM)Dalex Wrote:
(02-01-2014, 03:46 AM)crevicecrab Wrote: Of course it isn't a 'OA monopole'. However this is to my knowledge the first experimental confirmation of Dirac's research on the subject- which means that Dirac is right and that we now have a clear model for monopole research and eventually production. I'd say this may be the most significant experimental discovery of 2014.

As of now there have been several attempts to find elementary magnetic monopoles (stuff that magmatter would be made of) all unsuccesful.
While this proves that Dirac was right about properties of monopolic magnetic charge, it does not tell us where to look for it's elementary counterpart (I mean of course range of energies).

As for production. Elementary particles can be produced by colliders such as LHC but to this day none were detected.
These are results from LHC experiment MoEDAL that is looking specificaly for monopoles. Their results seem to prove that there are no monopoles lighter than 3500 Gev. That is pretty constraining.
On an unrelated note none of the particles predicted by SUSY was detected yet either.

Is this constraining in the sense that "any magnetic monopoles would have energies beyond our current technology to produce" or the sense that "theory shows that magnetic monopoles must have masses below 3500 Gev and thus probably do not exist"?

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