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Magnetic monopoles
(02-02-2014, 05:17 AM)tmazanec1 Wrote: Is this constraining in the sense that "any magnetic monopoles would have energies beyond our current technology to produce" or the sense that "theory shows that magnetic monopoles must have masses below 3500 Gev and thus probably do not exist"?

Actually neither since our technology is capable of reaching higher levels of energy even when we use existing facilities like LHC.

There are dozens of models predicting magnetic monopoles and many of them are not very developed as of now. Also there are possibly hundreds or even more possible models predicting monopoles that were not yet discovered or discussed. That being said we have a problem unless new particles are detected in following years or other important particle physics discovery is made. You see at this point we are still stuck with Standard model. We know it does not account for everything in universe (dark matter, neutrino oscillations, gravity) but so far we have few leads about next theory.
For some time GUT seemed promising but since no proton decay was ever detected it doesn't look good for it.
Superstrings are also nice but since no superpartners were detected and no extra dimensions (large or small) were found they (Superstring theories) are seriously constrained.

In the end perhaps only way to rule out the wrong models and find those which fit best would be some sort of computer algorithm.
There is so much data today that extreme amount has to be thrown into trash so computers wouldn't be overloaded.

In short we might need specialized AI to do the job for us.

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