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TV Show: Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai)
Space Brothers- Anime

This is currently my all-time favorite show and one I would recommend to any and all people who have any interest whatsoever in space. Don't let the fact that it's an anime and subtitled put you off if that's not your thing, this show has great characters, music, story and is an all-around feel good show about a guy working to fulfill his childhood dream of going into space. I've been hooked for two years, ever since it first started airing.

The linked site lets you watch without a membership, though a week behind and I think there are ads without one.

I don't know if anyone actually took a look at this show or its manga, but I thought I'd update my original post. The Space Brothers anime has just stopped at episode 99, owing to nearly catching up with its source material. If anyone does decide to check it out, which I cannot recommend strongly enough, know that you will need to eventually pick up reading it around chapter 186 or so.

I have no idea if it's going to start up again eventually, but I certainly hope so. I'm glad to be able to still read it, but I'm going to miss the new episodes being part of my weekend ritual. It's my absolute favorite show. I leave you with the music video for its first opening theme, one of my all-time favorite songs.

Feel So Moon by Unicorn


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