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So - this just occurred to me this AM while responding to a post:

OA currently has a good number of pending projects on our 'to do' list. These are things, such as the timeline audit that we are intending to do but haven't done yet or that are in progress. In some cases, new members may join the project and not realize that something is on our radar or that changes are in the works or the like. Which leads me to ask:

Would it be a useful/positive thing to have some sort of 'pending/in progress changes' log or list on the forum or even on the OA website so that people could see what we have going on/are working on fixing?

We currently have the What's New pages to document changes that have happened and a sticky thread on the forum for logging typos and errors and such as people find them - this would be a list of changes that we are planning to do but have yet to happen.

Not sure how doable this would be or if it would be worth the work of keeping up - but figured I'd throw it out for consideration.


I've got my own 'to do' list, but it mostly concerns worlds and concepts that I'm going to write about in the future.

But I agree that we do need a 'to do' list, one that includes things like the Front Page redesign, any possible redesign of the EG and FAQ pages, the revision of the Technology Timeline and Nanotechnology in general, and improved mapping technology (something I would really like is a clickable, zoomable map of the local galaxy, something like Google Earth). I believe Stephen is fairly close to reviewing and revising all the old missing entries; but this should go on the list too.

Once this list is written we can give regular updates on the progress, determine who is dealing with each item on the list, ask for help or inspiration if necessary and so on.
Agreed, a list would help us keep focus.

By the way, I really am nearing the end of my survey/update on all the old versus new material. I expect to be finished some time in August.

Also something to add to the list would be the auto-linking project. When I realized that a small percentage (but large number) of older articles hadn't made the transition, I set that one aside. Also, I wanted to take a good hard look at the results of the test run Trond and I did a while back. Sure enough, I learned from it. So next up after a review of articles to date will be a couple runs of auto-linking, to bring the density of interconnections between articles up to the standard on the old site.
So since it appears that we all like the addition of a To-Do list, I'm converting this thread into that list and making it sticky so it stays at the top of this sub-forum.

Please post any OAUP project 'to do' items to this thread so that we can keep them in a single location and work on them as we move along.

General members - please continue to use the Suggestion Box sub-forum to post initial suggestions for site or project improvements or changes for consideration. If/when it is determined that a suggestion should be adopted, the staff will move it to the To Do list.



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