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So, several of our articles have references to source documents at In particular the pages on wormholes and reactionless drives.

The wormhole source papers all appear to still be on the arXiv site, but the warp drive papers do not (or maybe I just haven't figured out how to track them down yet.

In any case, based on the experience of these two EG pages, it would seem that arXiv does not hold onto its papers indefinitely. And in more general terms, when we link source material to a third party site we are always at risk of this happening.

Based on this, I would propose that we see about saving copies of the papers from arXiv (they come as PDFs and I had the option of saving a copy when I opened the file in Adobe Reader), storing them on our server/in the CMS and linking to them internally. This allows us to retain our source links regardless of what arXiv or any other source we use may do. Obviously we would want to ask for permission in cases where that is necessary.

Much the same might be done for any other source documents we may employ moving forward.



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