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Type: General Comment
From: b.rejtger...

Message: Hey, This project of yours is all very creative and a very admirable initiative, but for all the info you give on the website I can't for the life of me find any stories that are meant to be the backbone of your project. Is Orion's Arm an idea or is there actually any meat on the proverbial bone that is actually "Orion's Arm". All the web site does is talk about people adding to this online universe which I cannot find. To tell you the truth it's kind of sad and this is coming from a quite deep Scifi fan... a reader of PKD, Peter F Hamilton and Ian M banks to name a few. Will you stop talking about your idea and actually publish your stories, either on your website or on paper before people lose interest. Or you could just send me the link to the stories you keep going on about. It would be a tremendous one upness to yourselves...

my reply;

From Steve Bowers
to b.rejtger...

Here are the stories published in book form so far in the Orion's Arm Universe

many other stories can be found online at this page

if you are inspired, you can always try your hand at writing more yourself...
We also have the quarterly V:FT issues.

A lot of the issues here should be fixed as part of the site redesign. Assuming no major changes from what we are currently looking to do, there will be a button at the top of the main page titled 'Read' (which will point to the ezine) and another titled 'Shop' which will point to our books. Plus a good sized button/image on the page displaying the cover of the current issue.


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