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I'm gonna rephrase QwertyYerty. I'm using a lot of translate because i want to say something complicated. But i hope in the end the post will be more clear.
I'm a person who overanalyses things sometimes. So, i'm quickly talking about philosophy and such things.

Dicotomy between Emotion / Intelligence that are located in different organs. The emotion are located mistically in the heart muscle. So we think with the heart muscles sometimes. XD Plus the heart has no reason, only "the reason of love" and such things.
And the intelligence / reason / etc. Is located in the brain. So, the brain has no emotion.

This trope that i don't like has taken root and evolved into other tropes with little or no evidence.
For example i feel uncomfortable in some social situations. And other people can too. Plus i think i'm intelligent. So i probably fit into the trope in some way. But the trope is still false.

So the tropes are like memetic conservatism because are the things some people thought in the past. But the tropes have a high percentage of false. If we want to advance, to be better, we have to think in the real thing not in the trope. So believe that the real are the tropes can be harmful.

If the movie shows us that the intelligences has little social intelligence, because of the suspension of disbelief we tend to believe that.

Is like the trope "the 90% of your brain" . is false. But some people think we are currently using only the ten percent of our brain matter, no matter what amount of times we say the trope is false.

I think the movie introduces the idea of the existential risk due to transapient.

If the trope emotion/reason is the straight line of the integer numbers, right and left are emotion/reason. And the distance from zero is the module of the amount of emotion/reason.

So a transapient is farther away from us to the emotion (so the transap emotion is devolved).
The trope emotion/reason in philosophy is like classic greece Apolo/dionisius. Apolo is reason, and dionisius emotion. Is anthropology perhaps.

And the existential risk for making us more intelligent is telling us that if we delve deeper into the knowledge, into the intelligence, if we leave the integer numbers of emotion bad things can happen (the risk). This can be the "hybris" or the "fruit from the tree of knowledge".

So the trope is telling that is better not to delve in such knowledge. So is conservatism.

About the Frankestein. There are several different.
For example. This trope says "something created, will turn against it's creator".

The type Isaac Asimov talks when he talks about frankenstein is called complex instead.
This trope says: "people fear beings that are not humans but are created in first instance by humans". In the novels these are robots.
But science is created by humans. And can refer too to ai, transapient, etc

So if we combine the two tropes: "People fear the other. The other are going to kill us" is just a irrational fear.

And Asimov thought that this fear is a burden for knowledge and science. So for this reason he made the Three Laws. To tell people that science is a benefit and we don't have to listen to irrational fears.

Quote of Wikipedia: "The general attitude of the public towards robots in much of Dr. Asimov's fiction is fear and suspicion [...] although dominance is impossible under the specifications of the Three Laws of Robotics, [...] the fictitious earthly public does not generally listen to this logic, but rather they listen to their fears."

In the movie, even if Johnny Depp is a good and kind individual, the risk is there. And the movie is a subject of the trope in this way.
Quote: "Nature considers all the variables".
Quote: "the object and the theory are distinct things"

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