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Random Number Generators from Smartphones
(05-11-2014, 06:40 AM)JohnnyYesterday Wrote: True, but in OA people can be subverted, so keep your hardware close.
Anders mentioned this in his recent paper. The current reality of computer security is that 'the attacker always wins'; that is, no matter how good your security is, in due course someone will find a loophole, no matter how trivial. Presumably that wouldn't be true of transapientech security - unless it were attacked by a higher toposophic entity.

Since humans and human derived beings will routinely employ significant amounts of software and hardware in their sphere of consciousness, they could be hacked directly, unless some reliable system could protect them almost all of the time.

Virtual sophonts would be in even worse peril, of course. Anders suggests some 'guard entities', isolated from internet connections, might be reliable enough to protect virtual sophonts and their substrates against attack. It might be a boring life, being a virtual gatekeeper, if you can't connect to the 'net.

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