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Ultimate Solar System contains 60 Earths in a Binary System
(06-03-2014, 12:25 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: I don't have the background to raise objections from a physics background (or guess if a G-type star would allow a substantially larger habitable zone) , but the idea itself is fun. I would expect that in OA, this sort of thing would be a construct - whether by Terragens or some long vanished xenosophont race.

Using a G-type yellow dwarf instead of an M-type red dwarf would more than quintuple the size of the liquid water zone (0.103 AU wide for a generic M0V versus 0.543 AU wide for a generic G0V). So it would be possible to add more intra-HZ orbits around a G-type dwarf.

On the other hand, using the binary red dwarf pair as described might lead to some issues. Planets orbiting within the HZ of such stars tend to be locked into a spin-orbit resonance with their primary (though not necessarily a 1:1 resonance, which is probably not the case in such a crowded system). Tidally-locked worlds are unlikely to possess moons, because of their relatively small angular momenta.

Second, the presence of so many worlds in such a small region will soon produce a plethora of orbital perturbations, which introduces and then magnifies orbital eccentricities, increasing the risk of planetary collisions and/or ejections. In short, such systems as described are unlikely to survive very long. (An artificially-constructed system of this type is likely to require constant monitoring and maintenance).

The jovians with Earth-sized moons are likely to be much more massive than Jupiter. In that case, the gravitational reach of each of these worlds would serve to reduce the number of jovians that can coexist in the HZ.

As for practicality, these systems can be considered highly impractical since about the same habitable area can be provided for much less effort and expense with a single McKendree cylinder. Still, the Sephirotics (or at least some of them) are known for wildly impractical megaprojects, so it isn't out of the question for something like this to exist somewhere (though convincing potential residents to live in such systems might be a problem).

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